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October is going to be a month full of activities that harmonize gastronomy, circuits, production and local economy, cultural heritage, urban agriculture and social inclusion. The 1st Edition of Belo Horizonte International Food and Gastronomy Season will bring a program designed especially for professionals, students, residents and food lovers who wish to expand their knowledge and exchange experiences through meetings, presentations, panels and debates.

Structured into three axes — Taste of Travel, Taste of the World and Taste of the City, the events connect food and gastronomy. All programming will be free and available virtually, with simultaneous translation into Portuguese, English and Spanish.

In the main program, national and foreign guests will present best practices and success cases, as well as a series of dialogues dedicated to exchanges between the cities of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for Gastronomy.

Roots and creativity

The roots and traditions of our gastronomy reveal our historical formation, our identity and our way of being. Within an apparent simplicity, there are striking characteristics, elaborated by the mixture of people, cultures and time. Belo Horizonte, part of the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities for gastronomy, has this knowledge and flavors as engines of innovation and sustainable development. Influenced by this vision, the choice of the period for the International Food and Gastronomy Season includes two commemorative dates: World Food Day, celebrated globally on October 16; and the date Belo Horizonte received the designation for the UNESCO Creative Cities Network—30 October.