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Structured into three axes — Taste of Travel, Taste of the World and Taste of the City, the events connect food and gastronomy. All programming will be free and available virtually, with simultaneous translation into Portuguese, English and Spanish.

The transmission will be carried out via Sympla Streaming Beta (Zoom). Event with issuance of certificate for participants.

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Taste of travel - 13 a 20/10


Taste of travel - series of international conferences on Tourism, Food and Gastronomy

October, 13 - 9h30-11h30 REGISTRATION Brazilian time (GMT-3)

New scenarios for the development of a gastronomic tourist destination 

In 2017, the World Tourism Organization pointed to gastronomy as the 3rd travel motivator in the world, corroborating the strategies adopted by several cities in the development, structuring and positioning as gastronomic destinations. This panel brings nationally and internationally renowned experts to share experiences on strategies they have implemented for the development of gastronomic tourist destinations.

  • Welcome remarks: Gilberto de Castro - President of Belo Horizonte Tourism Office(Brazil)
  • Rebecca Mackenzie - Culinary Tourism Alliance (Canadá)
  • Iñaki Gaztelumendi - Basque Culinary Center (Espanha)
  • Ana Paula Jacques - Brasilia Federal Institute (Brazil)
  • Mediation: Marina Simião - Emater-MG (Brazil)


October, 16 - 9h30-11h30 REGISTRATION Brazilian time (GMT-3)

Gastronomy, urban agriculture and social inclusion

The breadth and engagement that gastronomy produces through the valorization of cultural identity has been used as an instrument of social inclusion, above all, in projects to promote organic agriculture in the urban territory. At this meeting, three women, who share a trajectory of national and international recognition, present their projects and actions developed in favor of sustainable development.

  • Sasha Correa - Basque Culinary Center (Venezuela/Spain)
  • Teresa Corção - Maniva Institute (Brazil)
  • Mariana Aleixo - Maré de Sabores (Brazil)
  • Mediation: Darklane Dias - Undersecretary for Food and Nutritional Security of Belo Horizonte (Brazil)


October, 19 - 9h30-11h30 REGISTRATION Brazilian time (GMT-3)

Gastronomy: business tourism and local development

The holding of gastronomic events has been quite widespread in the tourist activity, due to the economic dynamism of the combination of these segments. Gastronomy expands the limits of kitchens and gains space in business tourism and events, becoming a theme commonly addressed at festivals, conferences, seminars, whether in academic debate, focusing on leisure or even in the celebration of typical cuisines. Success stories of gastronomic events are presented in this panel.

  • Eva Ballarin - Comment start Tourism & Horeca Industry Expert / HIP Madrid  (Spain)
  • Maria Eulália Araújo - Comida di Buteco ((Brazil)
  • Mediation: Cláudio Beato - Municipal Secretary for Economic Development of Belo Horizonte (Brazil)


October, 20 - 9h30-11h30 REGISTRATION Brazilian time (GMT-3)

Markets, as gastronomic centers and tourist attractions of a city

Municipal markets around the world are territories that, for the most part, represent and synthesize part of the local culture. They are considered equipment of great importance in the movement and attractiveness of tourists and have a direct relationship with gastronomy, whether by the bars and restaurants they house, or by the production of local food. Exploring the relationship between gastronomy and tourism in municipal markets in its various dimensions and contradictions is the theme of this panel.

  • Francesc Xavier Medina - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain)
  • Taina Zanetti - University of Brasília (Brazil)
  • Mediation: Bernard Martins - Mercado de Origem (Brazil)


Taste of the world - 14 a 29/10


Taste of the world: Creative Cities Talks

October, 14 - 9h30-11h30 REGISTRATION Brazilian time (GMT-3)

Governance of creative cities 

One of the fundamental premises for the application process to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network is the formation of a shared governance structure among local actors, who seek cooperation and collaboration as a guiding principle of the creative sector to which they seek to be elected. This panel will address how creative cities in gastronomy structure their governance processes before and after obtaining participation in the international network.

  • Colleen Swain - San Antonio (United States)
  • Dag Hartman - Östersund (Sweden)
  • Anita Pires - Florianópolis (Brazil)
  • Mediation: Renato Lana - Belo Horizonte (Brazil)


October, 21 - 9h30-11h30 REGISTRATION Brazilian time (GMT-3)

Festivals and gastronomic contests as a factor of attraction and promotion of a territory

The theme of food and gastronomy extrapolated the atmosphere of the kitchens of bars and restaurants and became an element of movement for events of all sizes. In this panel, we will explore how festivals and gastronomic competitions become elements capable of attracting tourists and allow for new strategies for promoting destinations.

  • Vicente Martín Ronda - Denia (Spain)
  • Emanuele Bolla - Parma (Italy)
  • J. Felipe Garcia - Tucson (United States)
  • Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes - Macau (China)
  • Mediation: Marcelo Wanderley - Belo Horizonte (Brazil)


October, 26/ - 9h30-11h30 REGISTRATION Brazilian time (GMT-3)

Gastronomy, intangible heritage to think about the future

Gastronomy is considered an inherent element in the cultural identity of different people and, therefore, an immeasurable intangible heritage that must be preserved and permanently highlighted. Assessing the impacts and projecting the future through the prism of valuing gastronomy as an intangible heritage is the objective of this panel.

  • Fabián Bedón Samaniego - Portoviejo (Ecuador)
  • Giuseppe Biagini - International Traditional Knowledge Institute (ITKI) (Italy)
  • José Monteiro Junior - Santos (Brazil)
  • Mediation: Flávio Dornas - Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

October 26, 27 and 28 - II International Seminar on Food and Nutritional Security

The programming developed by the Municipal Secretary of Social Assistance, Food Security and Citizenship aims to train, disseminate knowledge and generate a network connection of strategic agents for the strengthening of sustainable and fair food systems, guided by the principles of agroecology, of the adequate food and nutrition sovereignty and security in dialogue with urban and regional planning. It also seeks to value family and urban agriculture, gastronomy and food culture, in favor of building a sustainable, agro-ecological city with access to healthy food.

Registration and program:


October, 29 - 9h30-11h30 REGISTRATION Brazilian time (GMT-3)

Markets, local food circuits and Gastronomy

Local/municipal markets play an important role in the dynamics of the food production chain in a location. The purpose of this panel is to rely on the analysis of experts on the evolution of these spaces and how markets can be configured as local food circuits in gastronomy and tourism.

  • Anna Knight - Bendigo (Australia)
  • Trevor Budge - Bendigo (Australia)
  • Sergio Salas Yaro - Arequipa (Peru)
  • Eduardo Seijo Solís - Mérida (Mexico)
  • Mediation: Edson Puiati - Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

Taste of the city - 2 a 30/10


Taste of the city: Sessions of Gastronomy of Belo Horizonte 

October, 16 - 9h-11h REGISTRATION: Brazilian time (GMT-3)
Coffee with Knowledge
In this online activity carried out by the Venda Nova Cultural Center, you will participate in sharing experiences about the use of medicinal herbs and plants, for the cure or prevention of diseases, natural nutrition and tips for well-being.
Platform: Google Meet

October, 16 - Learn more: Virada Cultural 2021
Gastronomy and Culture Master Class: Virada Cultural 2021Gastronomy is a great cultural manifestation. This master class in the Virada Cultural 2021 highlights the origin of food, its roots and cultural heritage, based on the choice of ingredients, recipes and stories. Gastronomy is a sector that contributes in a relevant way to the economic recovery, so necessary at the present moment, at the same time that it elevates the creative economy and local identity.

October, 21 and 23, 19h Brazilian time (GMT-3) Platform:
Municipal Culture Circuit - Stories that Feed the Soul (special edition - World Food Day)
Since 2020, The Municipal Culture Circuit has produced the series ‘Stories that Feed the Soul’, which brings family recipes and traditions from the heart of neighborhoods, villages and agglomerations. Food culture, transmitted through the affectivity of recipe notebooks and the orality of family meetings, plays a fundamental role in the preservation of cultural traditions. For the Belo Horizonte International Gastronomy Season, the Circuit reissues the two seasons (the first with 10 episodes and the second with six), and creates two special episodes, promoting the meeting of new gastronomy talents with references from the city's food culture, linked to family culture and research on Afro-Brazilian gastronomy and cultures.

October, 21, 19h: Kelma Zenaide – Afro-Brazilian cuisine and Zito Cavalcante - PADU festive kitchen in the preparation of Kipadú
October, 23, 19h: Bernardina de Sena and Renata Sampaio in the preparation of the Stuffed Loin Recipe and garnishes.

October, 27 - 18h Brazilian time (GMT-3) REGISTRATION

Training, inclusion and innovation in gastronomy - the importance of educational institutions in the development of a creative city

Jackson Cabral - Promove Faculty
Claudia Porto Leal - Univeritas-BH

Sinval do Espírito Santo - UNA

Larissa Fernandes de Souza – Estácio University

Kleinia Anjos Vianna – Senac Faculty

Mediation: Danilo Simões Coelho - UNA

October, 30 - 11h Brazilian time (GMT-3) WATCH THE SHOW HERE
Taste of The City - Special Belo Horizonte, Creative City of Gastronomy

This Saturday (10/30), at 11:00 am, the closing of the 1st Edition of the International Season of Gastronomy and Food of Belo Horizonte brings a program beyond special: the ‘Taste of The City - Special Belo Horizonte, Creative City of Gastronomy’. In addition to a conversation with four renowned chefs, the program features testimonials from personalities of the local gastronomy scene and a master class in cuisine.


In addition to the main program, check out the associated program: a series of events, in person and online, promoted by partners, with themes aligned with the Gastronomy SeasonAccess the list and select your favorites!